Drupal 7 Image Styles and Presets

With Drupal 7, it is needless to say there are a lot of new tools, features, and well changes overall that have been made. In Drupal 6 we were use to having to download and use the ImageCache module to create custom size images. With Drupal 7 we no longer have ImageCache, but we do have a built in feature called "Image Styles". Image Styles is very similar to ImageCache so there is not much of a learning curve with this new feature.

This module coming with a standard Drupal 7 installation comes 3 default image formats, though you will likely have more specific needs and will want to create you own.

1. First we will start adding a new style by going to Configuration -> Image styles -> Add Style(www.yoursite.com/admin/config/media/image-styles/add) and give this a name

2. After creating the style we need to give it some effects. There are two images at the top as a display for you to view the origonal image vs the outcome of your applied effects. As you can see you can add multiple efects to achieve more unique image stlying. The effects work in order of how they are listed from top to bottom.

If you wanted to crop the image and then scale it. you would just place the cropping effect above the scale effect and update your style.

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